Thanks to a strong know-how, FITT® offers a wide and deep range of HiFitt® branded technical hoses able to meet the market’s requirements with high quality products.

Experience and innovation capability in FITT® become patented technologies able to solve concrete problems of use, offering innovative and targeted solutions compliant with the most severe regulations. Hoses for swimming pools, for industrial use, for food liquids passage: patented solutions HiFitt® branded for many different applications. With Barrierflex CDS® (Chlorine Defence System) and ATD (Anti Termites Defence) FITT® offers to the world of swimming pools hoses protected by the threat of chlorinated waters and from every kind of insects. Thanks to the Phthalate Free patent the Company introduces on the market an innovative formulation that replaces phthalates with alternative plastifiers compliant with the most stringent Directives concerning  food safety.

Further, with spiral hoses for industrial application, the Company developed a wide range of products that, taking advantage of innovative materials and new patented technologies, offer superior performances in critical conditions, anti-abrasive properties and resistance even at extreme temperatures.

One of FITT® points of strength is the capability to produce highly customized products developed in partnership with its clients. Hoses for hydro-cleaners, for wind power generators, for caravan and boots: these are only some examples of the many tailor-made products created by FITT® for prestigious international brands, offering the clients  a 40 years long experience in R&D.

FITT® offers the market a wide range of technical hoses, both rigid and flexible, aimed to address clients needs.
The Company range includes hoses suitable for different applications: from washing-machine to high pressure cleaner hoses, from suction hoses to hoses for compressed air, from food liquids passage to paint passage.
HiFitt® branded hoses are developed to offer customized solutions and specific products apt to satisfy clients’ expectations and to anticipate the market requirements.

Product Categories:

  • Under pressure and unpressurized air passage
  • Air delivery, fungicides, pesticides and fertilizers distribution up to 20bar/1160 psi
  • Suction and delivery of food products and liquids
  • Suction of dusts and food products with anti-abrasive properties
  • Suction and delivery of abrasive materials in medium duty working conditions
  • Suction and delivery of liquids